19 Problems That Can Be Solved With Nothing But Hair Conditioner


Let’s face it: we want our hair to be silky smooth all the time. That’s why most of us have a bottle of conditioner in the shower. After all, the handy haircare product helps keep our locks looking super-clean so we can leave for work with confidence every morning.

But you probably didn’t know that conditioner isn’t only for bathroom use anymore. In fact, this multipurpose substance does a heck of a lot more than just make your hair shimmer!

Here are 19 creative ways to use conditioner outside of the confines of the your shower…

1. Clean salt stains off of clothing

As much fun as playing in the snow is, too often we all get those unsightly salt stains on our shoes. Working a little bit of conditioner into the fabric of the shoes before you even go outside will alleviate this problem.

2. Shrinkage

Did you accidentally wash your favorite wool sweater on warm and now it’s tiny? Put it in a bucket filled with water and a tablespoon of conditioner. Once the sweater is fully soaked, you can gently stretch it out. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t always work.

3. Hand wash items

Some items of clothing are too delicate for washers and dryers. So, what do you do? Well, scrubbing them with room temperature water and a little bit of conditioner is the perfect solution!

4. Stuck ring

If your ring has stuck on your finger and you can’t get it out, add a bit of conditioner to the outside and twist the ring to get it off.

5. Make up remover

If you don’t have a nice make up remover, you can use hair conditioner for even better results.

6. Cleans make up brushes

Hair conditioners are the perfect cleaner for all your make up brushes.

7. Grease

Instead of putting grease on the squeaky hinges on your doors and ruining their look, use hair conditioner and you will no longer hear the dreaded sound.

8. Improves the quality of your cuticles

If your cuticles have overgrown, rub a bit of hair conditioner on them before pushing them back.

9. Shaving gel

If your razor gel has gone missing, conditioner will do the trick and will leave your legs smelling wonderful.

10. Static hair

If you have flyaways or static, rub a drop of conditioner between your hands and work it into your hair. This technique can also help you avoid frizzy hair in humid weather.

11. Tangled hair

Matted tangled hair isn’t just unhealthy, it’s embarrassing! If your hair is starting to look like a bird’s nest, mix a tiny dab of conditioner with water in an empty spray bottle and douse your locks in it while gently running a comb through.

12. Room freshener

Using the same water and conditioner mix as before, spray curtains, furniture, or any other type of fabric you want, and it will leave every item in your house smelling clean and fresh.

13. Clogged drain

If you have hair conditioner handy, don’t waste money on products like Drano to fix your clogged sinks. Hair conditioner acts as a lubricant in drains, and squeezing a bit down them should remove buildup.

14. Makes your laundry smell great

Put a drop of hair conditioner in your dryer to make the clothes smell great afterwards.

15. Protects against rust

Polish your tools with some hair conditioner to make them shine again.

16. Skin care

Take a bath in a tub full of warm water and add a bit of hair conditioner to hydrate your skin and make it softer than ever.

17. Polish

You can use hair conditioner to polish metal tools and appliances and give them a nice shine. Just remember to wipe them off with a clean towel afterwards.

18. Easily removes band aids

If you have band aids stuck on your skin, rub a bit of hair conditioner around the edges to loosen the sticky part and remove them.

19. Stuck zipper

If you ever have stuck zippers on your jeans, you can unstuck them with a bit of hair conditioner.

As you can see, hair conditioner has far more uses that can do so much more than soften your hair. Share this article with everyone you know so more people know about the interesting uses of the product.


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