Ever Wondered What the Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means?


Our nails are a very important part of our body, because they can carry symptoms of many diseases, including cancer. Can I ask you a simple question – does the name lunula rings any bell? Have you noticed a crescent-shaped whitish area at the end of a fingernail? It isn’t just an area of pigment change under the nails – in fact, it is a highly sensitive area and you should make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

  • Quantity – it would be better to have 8 to 10 lunulas on both hands.
  • Shape – it would be better to take an area of one fifth of the fingernail.
  • Color – it would be better in the color of ivory. The whiter, the better, which indicates the person is stronger

Many experts around the world think that the lunula can reveal some very important information about our overall health. For example, traditional Chinese medicine believes that a lack of lunula indicates anemia and malnutrition while a pale or bluish lunula indicates possible diabetes. If a person’s lunula has reddish smudges he or she may be suffering from cardiovascular diseases. A lack of lunula or a really small lunula usually indicates indigestion which can happen due to slow metabolism and toxin overload in the body.

  1. If you do not have a lunula on your thumbs, it could be a sign that you suffer from mental illness or mental imbalance.
  2. The absence of the lunula or a very small lunula on the index finger can mean that a person has problems with the liver, pancreas, intestines or problems with the reproductive system.
  3. The absence of the lunula the middle finger may indicate problems with blood pressure.
  4. Lack of the lunula on the third finger can also mean a problem with the endocrine system.
  5. The absence of the lunula on the fourth or ring finger indicates bowel problems.


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