This Herb Does Many Miracles, Heals the Paralysis, Activates the Circulation and Cures Other Diseases, Recipe Of How It Is Prepared!


Sage is a plant with many properties for health. One is to help deflate the abdomen, being ideal for diets to lose weight. Today we will talk about all the benefits of this miraculous plant. According to research, sage has essential properties such as vitamin C, B, bitter principles, glucose, saponin, bactericidal enzymes, estrogen, bactericidal and potassium.

This plant is called the herb of women for its strong health benefits, in general. then we will leave you the benefits of this powerful miracle plant.

Benefits of Sage:

-It activates the blood circulation
-It balances the nervous system
-Regulates exhaustion
-For people who have anemia
-It is astringent
-For diarrhea
-Relieves the symptoms of menopause such as nausea, hot flashes, dizziness, night sweats, headaches, etc
-It is antidiabetic, it lowers blood sugar levels
-Sedative in the digestive system
-Inhibits the production of sweat
-For conditions of the throat and gums
-For the healing of ulcers and sores
-Protects the vaginal mucosa
-To treat urinary retention and cystitis
-For gingivitis and pharyngitis
-It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

How to take this miracle plant:

For throat and gums: Prepare an infusion and gargle three times a day.

Against sweat: Prepare by soaking half liter of alcohol 70 and 50 grams of dried sage for a week, stirring daily. Take 50 drops once or twice a day.

As a digestive tonic and to wash the wounds: Put three teaspoons of the dried plant in three cups of boiled water. Let stand and drink three cups a day.

For the nervous, digestive and gynecological system: Put four grams of sage leaves in a cup of water, let stand and drink.

Against rheumatism and paralysis: Boil two large handfuls of sage leaves in two liters of water for 15 minutes, then strain and put into the tub. Give yourself two or three baths a week.

To slowly heal healing wounds: Mix the honey with concentrated infusion or tincture and apply it over the wound.

Against diseases of the skin caused by fungi: To make baths and poultices.

To deflate the joints and relieve the arthritic pains: rub with oil.


Do not ingest the first few months of pregnancy, since it is abortive.
Do not ingest women who breastfeed, as it blocks milk production.


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